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Health should be the number 1 wealth for every individual from all walks of life. Yet, nowadays, through the hustles and bustles of everyday life, people seem to take for granted the value of health. More and more individuals become very abusive and lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. They tend to forget the importance of exercise, balanced diet and care for one’s wellness. It is very important to note that our body cannot perform and function very well at its optimum level if it lacks the essential needs such as proper exercise, enough rest as well as right nutrients from a balanced diet and healthy kind of foods.

Thus, The Daily Healthy Tip come into being, with a core purpose to educate every individual about the vitality of a well-rounded health and wellness. Maximum health cannot only be perceived from the outward appearance of a person, it must also come from deep within. That’s why The Daily Healthy Tip is aimed to point out a balanced wellness that starts from eating healthy food, observing a balanced intake, exercising regularly, relaxing through yoga and meditation as well as grooming and keeping the body clean from the inside and out. We offer a wide range of holistic and diversified information from healthy food recipes, exercise and fitness program, weight management and beauty tips to meditation because we believe that staying fit and healthy means achieving a sound body, mind and soul.

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Running is an excellent way to improve your physical health and lose weight.

CrossFit regimens are created to improve the entire areas of whole-body fitness.

Learning how to run, swim, or bike for long periods of time without collapsing on the floor with your lungs.

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