5 Important Dental Treatments offered by a Pediatric Dentist

Posted By: Stella Pike | September 14, 2020

Dental hygiene is one of the most important yet barely noticed health issues. Similar to adults, kids also need preventative treatment to keep their smiles healthier. However, some parents are mistaken that the teeth of their children are immaculate because they are young. Soon, as their new teeth come out automatically, the condition will be normal.

But that’s not true because kids too have oral health-related issues just like an adult. Perhaps the kids are more vulnerable to cavities, tooth decay, and many other problems.

Consuming too much sugar candies and not brushing can cause severe oral health issues. An adult can manage to maintain their oral health but not the kids.

They don’t know about the ill effects and how to take preventative measures to maintain the teeth’ excellent health.

In contrast to this, the kids dentists in Johns Creek suggest that kids need to visit the pediatric dentist at a regular interval of time to take some preventative treatment and achieve good oral health.

To help your kids with the best dental conditions, a pediatric dentist offers five types of crucial dental treatment. These treatments help to prevent oral health issues and achieve a healthier smile. So, here is the look at the essential preventative pediatric dentistry treatment for the kids that we think every parent needs to know.

1.Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

The dental sealants are the first and foremost treatment offered by the pediatric dentist. The sealants are a kind of translucent material, just like plastic, which a dentist can spread on the kids’ teeth with ease.
These sealants will remain over the teeth of the child to prevent them from cavities and to spread. The pediatric dentist usually applies this sheet on the molar teeth when deep ridges are present on the kid’s teeth’ chewing surface. However, if these ridges aren’t deep, the sealants will not stick to the place.

If somehow the sealants over the teeth become loose and plaque gets trapped on it, then the cavities’ chance will be greater on the chewing surface. To fix it correctly, the dentist fixes it for two minutes on every tooth to properly stick around the teeth.

Once these sealants are adequately hardened, the children can consume food and drinks. The best part of this treatment is food doesn’t come in contact with the teeth. Thus, it minimizes the risk of cavities and acts as a powerful barrier for the teeth.

2.Teeth Cleanings

Teeth Cleanings

Kids don’t brush their teeth properly, and the result of this is tooth decay and oral cavities. The regular cleaning of the teeth is necessary to keep their teeth clean and prevent them from tartar and plaque formation.
However, the kids cannot remove the plaque by brushing and flossing by themselves at home. So, in that case, they need to have teeth cleaning treatment from a pediatric dentist in Johns Creek. Kids need to have at least two visits annually to clean their teeth.

The reason to have a visit is the pediatric dentist has special tools and equipment to cleanse the teeth and eliminate the plaque and other tartar deposited over the teeth surface. Moreover, they also help in preventing the teeth from plaque and maintain healthier teeth and gums.

3.Fluoride Treatment for the Kids

Fluoride Treatment for the Kids

Fluoride treatment for the kids is the third treatment offered by the kids dentists in Johns Creek and other areas. In this treatment, the fluoride is applied to the teeth by the pediatric dentist.

This is one of the treatments that help to improve the strength of the teeth.

The fluoride bolsters enamel helps combat the bacteria and acid conditions in the mouth that cause tooth decay. Healthier teeth are more protective and able to prevent tooth decay easier and effectively.

It is essential to regularly get this treatment for the kids because they don’t maintain their teeth condition and prevent damage. So, it’s better to have fluoride treatment to keep their teeth protected from decaying issues.

4.Space Maintainers

Teeth Space Maintainers

Some children suffer from teeth alignment issues. To treat this issue, they need to have the space maintainers to maintain the ideal space between the teeth.

These are special dental equipment made from metal and plastic. The best part is these appliances are customized to fit perfectly the nuances of the child’s mouth. These space maintainers are perfect and comfortable to wear. Also, the child can quickly adjust to the space maintainers within a few days.

It holds the space between the teeth after losing one tooth. This helps keep the teeth in their position and prevent the teeth movement before the permanent teeth ooze.

However, if you hesitate about the space maintainer, make sure to know that these space maintainers help keep your teeth aligned and healthy. Moreover, it is useful in maintaining the proper position of the teeth that undergo orthodontic treatment.

5.Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

The fifth most essential treatment offered by the pediatric dentists is the mouth guards. Kids who play sports are more prone to have tooth injury, and the possibility is there that their teeth may break down while playing.
Thus, they need protective mouth guards to prevent them from injuries. These mouth guards are protective devices made at the dentist clinic to hold the shape of the teeth. The teeth are protected by the mouth guard while playing. Moreover, these are easy to wear and fit tightly to the teeth region, keeping it simpler for your kids while offering the much needed safety.

Final Thoughts

Kids have vulnerable teeth that are more prone to tooth decay, plaque, and breakage. Moreover, they are not able to maintain their oral health on their own. So, it is mandatory to make a regular visit to a reliable pediatric dentist in Johns Creek to have these five essential preventative treatments. The treatment will help to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Apart from this, make sure to clean their teeth yourself and avoid consuming too much sugary food.