How Create a Life Worth Living? Tips to Stay Happy!

Posted By: Stella Pike | March 3, 2018

Living healthy is a not a decision but a continuous effort

A recent study concluded that the four major behaviors – smoking, not exercising, drinking (too much), eating unhealthy is enough to reduce your overall years. To your surprise, these issues can lessen your life circle up to 12 years. That’s a long time.

Fortunately, there is always a solution to a problem. Well, I understand parting ways with a habit all of a sudden is no joke. But once you commit to yourself, nothing is impossible in life, even healthy living. Isn’t it?

So, let’s know a few ways to stay HAPPY and life longer:

A Big ‘NO’ to Overeating

Say to Over Eating

If you want to maintain a good physique, filling your stomach to mouth is not necessary. Old Japanese people stop eating when they are only 80% full. Researchers at St. Louis University have found that eating less increase your age.

Further, what you eat is also important. Taking fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts in your diet is exceptionally important. Well, sometimes, you are allowed to cheat and eat some junk food to satisfy your taste buds, but very occasionally.

Water is Body’s Best Friend

Women Drinking Water

Water performs a plethora of functions that are hard to ignore. As it covers two-third of the body, it works great as a natural detoxifier and temperature regulator. Maintaining desired hydration is profoundly affecting our energy levels and vitality. Not just this, water keeps you mentally alert to perform your daily tasks. Lifestyle changes may hinder your consumption of water, but drink as much water that keeps the urine pale yellow in color.

Physical Activity is Important

Physical Exercise

Physical fitness cannot be ignored as it contributes majorly to health and wellness. An unhealthy body is a prey to several dangerous diseases. So, no matter what, you must do at least 30 minutes of exercise. Regular exercise improves mass strength, flexibility and endurance.

Not just this, regular exercise also aims to improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, and thus, reducing anxiety and stress. With regular exercise, you can even control weight gain.

Never Ignore Your Mental Health

Mental Peace

Mental health is more important than physical health. Although, I won’t suggest you stop doing the exercise right away, yet a balance of both is what you need.

From mental health, I consider three things – emotional, spiritual and social wellness.

  • Emotional wellness:

    In this fast-paced world, you need to put certain extra efforts to stay happy and contented. To achieve emotional wellness, yoga and meditation are of great help. Take out time for meditation exercises and you will see an immense growth in your emotional health.

  • Spiritual Wellness:

    connecting to almighty in any form is gratifying. To attain utmost contentment in life, you must connect yourself to a divine power.

  • Social Wellness:

    By social wellness, you simply have to connect with people by creating a strong bond. Your life is the gift of nature. So, do not waste by simply living an alone life.

Watch Your Sleeping Cycle

Sleeping Cycle

Your body is a machine and needs rest to regain its energy. Sleep optimizes physical and mental energy and is linked to reducing the chances of chronic diseases. One easy way to build health is by getting early into the bed, preferably between 10-10:30 pm. With a sound eight hours sleep, the amount of energy you would have will be massive.

Be Kind

Be Kind

Doing random acts of kindness are irresistible. No matter how small your act is, being kind towards people is beautiful. It could include anything from giving a call to someone you love but lost touch for quite some time to leave a seat for a pooped person.

These acts speak for themselves and not just the receiver of the act, even the giver feels truly amazing. Do practice kindness.

Make a Habit of Appreciating Others

When was the last time you genuinely appreciated someone?

Appreciate Other

If you need time to think, surely, there is a lot of scope of indulging in the act of appreciating others. And why not? The modern living is more concerned about materialistic things than aesthetic. Chasing your goal dedicatedly is a good thing, but for a healthy living, you must be a good human being as well.

A simple act of gratitude and appreciating people who help you throughout your journey is a must. Often, we forget to appreciate a junior in our team for the good efforts or our friends who took time to meet us. This is where we lack. So, try improving this habit of ignoring valuable acts of appreciation.

Relationships are Crucial

Your happiness is connected with the kind of relationships you have. Do you agree?

Public Relationship

Healthy living does not merely consist of mental and physical health or healthy diet. Maintaining healthy relationships is too important. For this, you can:

  • Search for People Like You:

    You need to look for people who are close to your personality. See if the other person matches the same kind of openness as yours. This will make you grow a better relationship with that person.

  • Speak to Your Neighbors:

    Nobody is perfect in this world, not even you. In today’s culture, most people have an independent life. As a result, the stress and depression level amongst folks have taken a rise.
    Try building healthy relationships with your neighbors. Take part in their joys and sorrows and try being a good human being. Believe me, it doesn’t take much.

  • Take Help for a Painful Relationship:

    You may be going through a painful relationship that may or may not be due to your lifestyle changes. In such a case, do consult professionals for help. They can drive you through potential solutions. There is no harm in discussing your problem with your dear ones. You will feel better and maybe such person offers you great help.

There are several times when you may not feel good in your life. But remember, you are not the alone bearing pain. Life can always be joyous and happy; all you need is to be optimistic and work every day to better your life.