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Bhastrika Pranayama

5 Variations of Pranayama and Their Incredible Health Benefits

Pranayama is all about controlling breadth, “Prana” means bio-energy and “Ayama” means to control or regulate. Prana is vital energy, the life force in us that nourishes the mind and keeps our body alive. It is the energy needed by our physical and subtle layers. Prana is a universal life force which creates an aura […]

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Workout with Dogs

Get in Shape with Your Dog – Your True Companion

Dogs can be your lifelong companions and friends, they just want to love and be loved. Owning a dog is good for you on both a physical and emotional level. Dogs don’t just fill your heart, they make it stronger by motivating to do new things every day. Whether you’re a dog owner or you […]

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Portion of Your Meals

How to prevent Weight Gain after a Transition from Keto Diet

Ketosis Diet is one of the most effective diets to reduce weight as well as prevent many dreadful diseases including Diabetes and some among the Cancers. You may be Quitting Keto Diet because you may have lost your wished weight. May be 10 lbs, 20 lbs depends on YOU, but one of the main disadvantage […]

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10 Ways to Maintain Your Health and Fitness While Working From Home

The first one or two weeks into your working from home might have seemed wonderful right? You were working while lying on your bed or slouching on the couch, eating whenever and whatever you want. But soon after that, you got a bad backache, you felt more tired and lazy to get on with your […]

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Drink Water

8 Awesome and Practical Tips To Stay Healthy At Work

If you are somewhat of a health enthusiast like me, you will agree that staying healthy at work is not an easy task. Working long hours, mostly in a stationary position, is not exactly beneficial for health. Moreover, maintaining a healthy diet and finding time to go to the gym to exercise is also quite […]

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Proper Weight Loss Tips

How to sustain weight Loss in proper way

When you try to maintain healthy diet and losing weight, you make up your mind to lose weight in any way and you try different ways that you’ve heard from your friends, neighbors, parents, etc. You try them and when you realize that the way in which you were working is not proper, you end […]

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Running Burning Calories

Does CBD (Cannabidiol) help Athletes?

The effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) can be somewhat subjective, as to the time in which the compound takes effect on the body after it is consumed. But, almost every person who has taken professionally extracted CBD oil, which contains less than 0.3% THC can attest to the fact that there are no psychoactive effects whatsoever. […]

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Fitness Tracker

Finding the right fitness tracker for you

It’s no surprise that wearable tech has risen in popularity in recent years as we become more reliant than ever on smartphones and apps. For fitness fans, these advances can be incredibly helpful as we gain better insight into our bodies and workouts and are able to more easily set (and meet) our goals. In […]

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Reduce Belly Fat

Top 10 Effective and Proven Ways to Reduce Your Belly Fat

As per the recent fact sheet published by World Health Organization (WHO), the number of obesity has doubled since 1980. In a survey in 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults were surveyed out of which 600 million people were obese. Almost 30% of the world population is suffering with the slow killing disease – obesity. […]

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Diet Juice

Juice Vs Diet Meals: Complete Juice Diet or Full Solid Diet

Complete Juice Diet or Full Solid Diet – Which is more beneficial for weight reduction? ‘Diet – Calories – Workout’ is the common terms that one is surrounded with during the course of weight reduction. Before choosing a diet plan or workout routine, it is more important to understand what exactly is weight reduction? So […]

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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips for People Who Run on a Tight Schedule

One of the most common concerns of people working nine-to-five jobs, is staying fit and healthy. Since, sitting behind a desk throughout the day can do a number on your metabolism, figure and health in general. All of this results in even greater exhaustion and lack of willpower to exercise. In other words, it would […]

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Simple Principles of Basic Pranayam

The Simple Principles of Basic Pranayama

All living beings possess common basic life core and that is breathing. Breath is the most common indication of life force that defines a living being. Yoga found remarkable importance of the art of deep breathing in the holistic healing of body and mind. Pranayama is practiced by many yogis to cultivate physical, intellectual and […]

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Low Carb Diet Food

The Real Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb diet mainly focuses on reducing carbohydrates while giving emphasis on dietary protein and fat. Being on a low-carb diet requires you to cut off carb such as grains, sweets, pastas, starchy vegetables, and some fruits that are high in carbohydrates. There are various types of diets that anyone can try. However, each diet also […]

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Intense Fitness Training

Intense Fitness Training – Keeping Your Motivation

It can be difficult to stay focused when you get to the point where your exercises are intense and a considerable amount of effort is being invested into training. To see consistent results for your efforts to maintain a high level of endurance you will always need to sacrifice something – it is not going […]

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Break Weight Loss Plateau

How to Break Weight Loss Plateau

Reached a weight loss plateau? It is hard to understand because for the past several weeks your weight loss regimen hadtaken the weights off. Then all of a sudden the scales will not move another ounce. Cheer up. Weight loss plateau is perfectly normal. No matter how attentive you are at following your health program, […]

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Break Weight Loss Plateau

Goal Setting for Successful Weight Loss

As the New Year comes, everyone is excited to start the year right and aim to be better individuals than last year. Each of us makes a list of things of must do’s and don’ts. Aside from being more productive, the first thing that comes on top of almost every list is to lose weight. […]

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Importance of Exercise to Fitness

Developing a High Level of Endurance

There are many fitness activities and sports that require a high level of endurance, and building up this endurance takes many long hours of targeted training. One thing you should know about endurance is that, unlike strength, which can stay with you for a month or more, you will lose your endurance quite quickly without […]

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Obesity Health Risks

Common Diseases Caused by Obesity

Being obese isn’t a cosmetic problem. This condition is a serious state as it greatly raises your risk for other health problems. Obesity is due to eating a lot of calories – especially fatty and foods with high sugar content – than what you can burn off over physical activity. The excess energy is later […]

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Nutrition Diet Tips

9 The most effective Diet plans For Weight Loss

There are lots of diet tips for losing weight that can help you losing your weight and having the weight off. Losing weight is one of the most difficult activities to do without having the correct mentality. You should be ready to face a big change. While many people will certainly inform you to eat […]

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