Head to Toe Skincare Tips for Winter

Posted By: Stella Pike | January 2, 2019

Until or unless you’re Elsa from the movie frozen, you’ll always need to put more efforts to make your skin look glowing in winter. Well you might know changing of seasons can make a lot difference in your skin, in a way that gets dry at the end of the day when there is hot weather during the daytime and cold weather at the night time.
White Woman Doing Winter Skincare

In winter season because of cold weather your skin can get dry easily; your lips may get flaky, your feet may get rough, and you may face dandruff in your hair. Well smoothing things out is not possible but at least what you can do is take care of yourself in such a way that your skin cannot get damaged because cold winds. Here we have some skin care hacks that can help you keep your skin moisturized and safe during the winter spells.


HACK #1: Try to avoid spending more time in hot tub

Hot Bathtub

You might feel reliving when you get into hot tub after spending large amount of time in cold winds but hotter the water is, more the skin gets dry. As of at the time of bathing you skin evaporates water within epidermis which results in making the skin get drier. Thus it is always recommended to stick with lukewarm water. It will help you keep your skin moisturized all day long.

HACK #2: Be aware with the soap you use

Beware of Soap

It is said that soaps alter the pH of the skin and increase the amount of alkaline in your skin which can result in making your skin harsh. This can also cause dryness of skin especially in a season like winter. It is better to use soap that has a content of oils, emollients, and glycerin which can keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

HACK #3: Never let your skin loose moisture

Young Woman Caring of Her Skin

Well it is highly recommended to keep your skin moisturized 24/7 during winter times. A moisturized skin always looks healthy and feels healthy. Using moisturizer for whole day can make you look wrinkle free, healthy and clean. As it is on you that you should know which type of moisturizer you should use which matches your skin type.

Appling moisturizer at night can be very beneficial for skin because moisturizer get enough time to get into the skin properly and make it healthier.

HACK #4: Scrubbing is necessary

Beautiful Young Woman Scrubbing

In winter skin get drier which means the amount of dead skin also increases and it is always better to get rid of dead skin. If you don’t remove the dead skin from your body then it block the pores of cell and it will not let the skin soak moisture which means your skin can get drier if you don’t scrub it regularly while winter spell.

It is recommended to scrub your face once a week because daily scrubbing of skin can result as skin damage, as dirt can enter the skin easily because more usage of scrub can open the pore of skin for longer time which can allow the dirt to enter the skin easily.

HACK #5: Give your feet a special care everyday

Woman Cracked Heels

In case if you’re getting cracks in your feet, instead of taking pedicure once in a week you should take care of your feet daily.

Every night before going to bed, soak your feet with Luke warm water and add some salt in it. This will help you slough dead skin off and then apply moisturizer on your feet and wear socks for whole night. This will soften your skin and keep your feet healthy and nourished.

HACK #6: Use proper moisturizer

Woman Caring of Her Skin Moisturizer

Everyone has a different skin type, some has dry skin; some has oily skin but it is always recommended to use the moisturizer that contains sodium lactate, ceramide, lactic acid, and urea. It is recommended to apply moisturizer on wet skin directly after shower which helps your body absorb water properly and keep it moisturized. You will not be able to see the effect directly if your skin is more damaged, it may take about weeks or months to repair the damaged skin.

Moisturizer helps you replenishes and balances skin barrier.

HACK #7: Keep your skin Hydrated

Drink Water

Consuming water properly is very essential part of life, consuming more water can help you keep your skin hydrated and healthy whole day. It is more advantageous for your skin to consume warm water added with honey and lemon in it. Where honey brings shine in your skin and lemon helps maintain pH level in your body. It is always endorsed to consume 8-9 glass of water in your everyday routine to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

HACK #8: Healthy hairs means nourished hair

Nourished Hair

You might get dandruff in your hair in a season of winter and it can be more irritating if it cause itching in your head but it can be removed easily.
Before going to sleep, mix some warm coconut oil with some drops of lemon in it and apply the mixture to your scalp and keep it over night. Next morning, wash it with warm water and you will get clear dandruff free scalp. Repeat this tactic twice a week to get the best result.

Be consistent and follow these tips everyday

You may feel that you have to follow many things to take care of yourself in winters but to be honest these are the easiest and most effective way to save your skin from getting dry and flaky in winters.