Are Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements Effective For Insomnia

Posted By: Stella Pike | May 22, 2024


Omega-3s are quite well-famed and advantageous sources of health improvement. Here, we are limiting our articulation to insomnia. Let’s learn whether omega-3 fish oil supplements are of use for this sleep disorder or not.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia is deeply associated with your sleep. When one is facing problems in keeping the sleeping schedule, such as finding falling asleep difficult or could not do so as per desired length, then this is a disorder called insomnia. Many people around the world have become the victim of this irritating condition. However, there are ways to treat it too.

Also, this sleep disorder leads to other health or routine issues. For instance, you become incapable of functioning or feeling properly. Moreover, there is the possibility of traces of anxiety and stress as well. And, the reasons fluctuate. Maybe, you are not doing it well because of the uncomfortable bed. Loud noise and bright light are also the causes.

If you drink caffeine or alcohol before going to bed, your routine will become vulnerable to insomnia. There are various other lifestyle factors, such as extreme hot or cold environments, jet lag and depression. You need to examine the kinds of issues you are encountering concerning your sleep. For example, feeling of crankiness, unable to remember things, waking up too soon or incurring more accidents.

To treat, there are a few home remedies and medicines. Like, you can eat certain food or take care of yourself.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements and Insomnia

Omega 3 fish oil supplements can improve your sleep quality and this is proven by studies. By consuming the adequate quantity, one can savor quick falling asleep and even see positive differences in daytime activities. Fatty fish and fish oil have vitamin D which is a good sleep booster. Usually, the cause of sleep disorders is because of vitamin D deficiency.

Another imperative role is of DHA which is accountable for stimulating the melatonin in the human body. The latter is a sort of hormone that is, in conjunction with circadian rhythms of the body, for sleep preparation. The procedure encompasses sending signals for the awareness of sleep timings. Also, it is not only about the sleep, melatonin also helps you stay relaxed, lowers the temperature of your body and even reduces the blood pressure.

Omega-3 supplements are valuable for pregnant women and their babies to have healthy sleep patterns. Often, such ladies could not sleep effectively, mainly due to the lack of DHA, omega-3 fatty acid. This leads to shorter gestation lengths and higher inflammation. Therefore, scientists are emphasizing on intake of omega-3s for perking up the fetal growth, especially the development of the brain.

A study conducted in 2014 showed that kids who took omega-3s relished half an hour more sleep. Also, they did not frequently wake up at night. Another research in 2017 revealed that children consuming these nutrients had increased IQ levels, alongside sound sleep. Therefore, omega-3 fish oil supplements are not only favorable for adults.

Other Advantages of Taking Omega-3s

As illustrated earlier, omega-3s are good for all ages. Particularly, they support cognitive development, therefore, they gain strength to combat cognitive decline. Also, such supplements act proficiently against neurodegenerative diseases. Therefore, individuals, especially kids can see a boost in language skills, visual motor skills and overall cognitive performance.

The stronger vocabulary and other perks can sum up to cater their academic performance as well. Moreover, there is improvement in brain function, nourishing your mood and working against issues like dementia. Therefore, it is essential to take the exact amount of omega-3 fish oil supplement with meals, as per the prescription of your doctor.

Among the diversity of perks of these fatty acids, there is support to eye health, reduction in inflammation, lessening in liver fat, boost in heart health and enhancement in attention.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements and Insomnia: The FAQs

Does omega-3 fish oil help you sleep?

Yes, omega-3s help a lot in improving your sleep patterns. One can observe the lessening of sleep latency and enjoy sleep efficiency. The most helpful among these fatty acids is DHA.

Which omega is best for sleep?

As per a source, DHA is most beneficial as it helps in the spurring of melatonin, which is an important hormone in the human body. However, consult your doctor to learn the effects of other fatty acids, ALA and EPA, as well.

Does omega-3 make you relax?

Yes, omega-3s help to relax by reducing the signs of anxiety. Also, these supplements improve your help by treating depression to some extent. However, you might not see visible change instantly. Wait for a few weeks.

Is it OK to take fish oil at bedtime?

Yes, you can; basically, there is no best time for consuming fish oil or fish oil supplements. All we know is to accompany a meal with them. As per an article, the results will be the same, whether you take fish oil at night or in the morning.

Who should not take fish oil?

If you do not have your doctor’s approval, then avoid taking fish oil. Also, people having seafood allergies are not good for this sort of supplement.


Omega-3 fish oil cultivates the human body in ways, like supporting heart, brain and eye health. Also, a person of any age can include it in the diet. However, studies also revealed that these nutrients are capable of fighting against the prominent sleep disorder, called insomnia.

The sufferers of this condition are unable to sleep well. They wake up early or experience frequent disturbances. And, there are so many things like jet lag, noise, intense light and so on. However, according to a couple of studies that we came across, omega-3s can help. First, you need approval from your healthcare provider and then take the supplements in an instructed approach.

Moreover, kids can therefore enjoy not only good sleep, but also cognitive development and improvement in attention. This is highly crucial for their routine, particularly the academic performance. Besides, pregnant ladies should also value such use.