The 10 Best Sex Positions to Last Longer in Bed

Posted By: Stella Pike | January 5, 2023


It is important to keep these sex positions in mind to make your sexual experience last longer and more enjoyable.

Sex Positions

One-in-three men between the ages of 18 and 59 are affected by premature ejaculation, so if you happen to be one of those men, you may find having sex with your partner a bit of an anxiety-provoking experience.

  • Are you going to reach orgasm too quickly?
  • Do you think she’ll be disappointed?

In a sense, it looks as if you are playing a crapshoot, except that you are the only one who is shooting.

As a result, there is now a large variety of desensitizing sprays and exercise methods that can assist in treating this problem, such as the squeeze technique, Kegel exercises, and the stop-and-start method.

A lot of men do not realize, however, that how you have sex can also have a significant impact on how fast you are able to orgasm as your sexual experience.

Here are 10 of the best sex positions that will help you to have a longer, more fulfilling experience in bed, so let’s take a look at them.


This is a very basic task, but many people find it uncomfortable on top because they are not sure what they should do, or because they are uncomfortable with their bodies. You can try to put your legs in different positions if this is a new position for you and see which one is more comfortable for you if this is a new position for you.

You may need to kick one leg out to the side if you are straight straddling since that can be a workout for your inner thighs. Whenever you have sex with someone who has a penis, have them put one knee out as well, so that your body can adapt easier to the legs being spread apart a bit more and see if your body has an easier time adapting to having sex with them.

When it comes to sex, being on top is one of the best points because you have control over the speed, the depth, and the pressure, which can all be very painful if you have a painful experience. As an alternative, you can also support your back with your partner’s legs bent at the knees so that this will be easier on your knees and thighs.


The position is ideal for you when you wake up in the morning, wink, wink. It is obviously important that you act as the little spoon when you are having sex with someone with a penis, but it will not matter if you are the little spoon or the big spoon when you are having penetrative sex with your fingers.

Your relationship will become much more intimate as a result of this. The penis or finger is coming from an angle that is different, so it may feel different and it might hit your G-spot more easily from that angle. Woohoo on that! It might be easier for you to lift your top leg at this point as well if it is easier for you.

The Yab-Yum:

If you feel the need for some slowdown at any given time, consider shifting into a lotus sex position, which in tantric terms is called yab-yum. The first partner sits upright with their legs crossed, and the second partner sits on top of them, straddling them and wrapping their legs around their backs so that they are able to hang from their waists.

It is one of the best positions for intimacy, as it allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes and synchronize your breathing.” The position also involves the use of grinding movements rather than thrusts, which can be beneficial to the stamina of the user.


Doggy style:

There is a classic position known as the “doggie style” where the receiver is usually down on his or her hands and knees while the partner enters the room from behind, may it be through the anal or vaginal route.

The dog style of predation is great for high sex drives, since it allows the penetration from behind to be deeper than with other styles. There are also many options available to you, including lying on your stomach, standing over the bed, lying on your backs, or standing on the bed with both of your legs.

Over the shoulder legs:

If you think you’re not flexible enough to do this, you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it since they think they’re not flexible enough! Having a partner assist you in this position will be very helpful because this position doesn’t require a lot of flexibility.

As it pushes your legs together, your vagina gets tighter and your fingers or penis begin to convulse, which is an excellent method because it makes your legs squeeze together. Because of the ease with which you can hit your G-Spot when you are in this position, it is nicknamed the “G-Whiz” position. (If you haven’t already added this one to your list, make sure you do so now!)

When your partner comes as close to you as possible in a missionary position, have them lift up your legs on their own shoulders or chest using their shoulder and chest muscles (which is not so hard to do as you do not need to be that flexible).

Side cuddle:

When you lie on your side, you are already in a comfortable position to start by letting you either face each other if you are going to penetrate vaginally, or use a spoon if you are going to penetrate anal or vaginally.

You can reach down and take command of the strap-on or peen, and gently maneuver it to achieve just the right angle and thrust that you need. This should be done as you face each other. You should use your buttocks as a guide to control your depth and pace when spooning for rear entry in order to have a good experience for both parties.

In order to keep your partner’s comfort zone in terms of the depth of the relationship, you can use your hand as a buffer between you and him or her.


It is a well-known fact that 69 is one of the most effective oral sex positions available today. There is nothing better than receiving stimulation and being able to satisfy your partner at the same time.

When you are giving and receiving at the same time, it may be a bit unpleasant at times, but if you are looking to make your relationship last longer, that may not be a bad thing to do. “There’s something to be said about the teasing factor, and there’s something to be said about the sustainability factor.”


On the bed’s edge:

This is a slightly different take on the missionary position, where your partner stands next to the bed whilst you are laying at the edge of the bed and you are using your legs to reach your partner’s chest.

If you are comfortable with it, you can add this position to your body, or you can keep your legs together in a “V” shape in front of you, or you can maintain this position with your legs drawn into your chest.

I think what’s good about this position is that you’re both firmly planted on the ground, so your partner will be able to thrust more deeply and more controlled (which means they’ll be able to do that faster or slower, whatever you prefer!).

Mastery (Kneeling):

There is no physical effort to perform on either side in this version of women-on-top, however, she has control over the process and he has access to her clitoris and breasts.

There is a man and a woman in this position facing each other, with the man sitting and the woman kneeling on the ground with her legs outside his, with her feet outside of his. There are many different ways to cuddle close to each other in this position and couples can also choose to lean further away to experience new sensations.

She loves:

When it comes to determining which position your partner prefers, it’s important to ask her what she likes about it. She will at least have some idea of what kinds of sex turn her on even if she doesn’t yet know exactly what type that will work for her.

Depending on the woman, having a face-to-face relationship with the other, looking at each other, and saying beautiful things while kissing is the source of pleasure to some women, while for others, it is from erotic touches that are effective and pleasing.


Wrap up:

Among the 10 sex positions above, there are a few that have been shown to help you stay in bed longer, but that merely scratches the surface. There is something very appealing about switching positions when you are with women. In many ways, it feels adventurous and new at the same time.

As well as providing better stimulation for her during sex, it can also make her feel more relaxed. In spite of this, it may be difficult to find a sexual position that is good for both of you. In order to ensure your success, you need to keep in mind fitness and strength. If you lack these, things will be difficult.

To last longer, try these basic positions:

  • Cowgirl
  • Spooning
  • Doggy Style
  • Side Cuddle

You can test whether they prolong intercourse with these.