7 Ways to Turn Your Negativity into Happiness

Posted By: Stella Pike | May 27, 2017

There is one old thought that says “When you think positive, good things happen,” and believe me it is true. One of the most valuable things I have learned on my fitness journey is that with the right mindset, all dreams are possible. Positive thinking allows you to dream big, achieve your goals and get what you truly want out of life. By creating a positive mindset, you can attract more positivity and happiness in your life, which means that you are becoming a better version of yourself.

But besides that, being positive is not that simple. Some days are dark when you got a feeling that whole world is against you. What then?

Here are 7 ways how can you turn your negative thoughts to a positive mindset and start living the life you dream of.

What Does It Mean To Be Positive?

Negativity into Happiness

Some people think if you have an active mind, everything in you life is great. But, you know that this is not how things work. Life is unpredictable, and we will all experience fears, insecurities, flaws and struggles. Being positive doesn’t mean that you will escape from this kind of things. It means that you will become strong enough to pass them and keep going even in the toughest times.

You Can’t Please Everyone

You can spend years trying to be a person who pleases everyone, but you will never succeed. This will only make you feel insecure and unsure about yourself. You can’t please everyone so don’t even try.

Be yourself and don’t feel uncomfortable showing that. The people you want in your life will accept you and will love you regardless. If you are not doing what you want to do and living the best life you possibly can, then what’s the point?
Leave The Past Where it Belongs

Leave The Past Where it Belongs

The past is the past, and there is nothing you can do to change it. If you sit and dwell on things you can’t change then, you are only causing yourself needless anxiety and stress.
Just let go of things you can’t change. Put yourself in perspective looking at any negative experiences as learning lessons. They are something that can only make you grow into a better and smarter human being. Don’t hold any hurt, frustration or anger. Don’t let those emotions to eat you away; they won’t do any good. However, we can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it.

Find Gratitude

Find Gratitude

Try to find gratitude in all the things in life – small, big, good and bad. This will increase your level of positivity.

Is it seems hard for you?

Just try to write down one thing that you are grateful for, every day. This may not sound like a something that can help you, but soon you will begin to realize how many great things you have in your life, and you will put yourself into a gratitude mindset. That will bring great positivity and happiness in your life.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst things you can do in life.

Every person is unique and different. Regardless of what you see on the surface, everyone has their own struggles.

Do not compare yourself to anyone, don’t even try. Every person is amazing on his own way and has something valuable to offer, including you.

Spend Time With Positive People

Spend Time With Positive People

When we spend time with positive people, you clear away the negativity and create more room to welcome positive and renewed energy.When you are passing hard times in your life talking to negative people can only prevent you from getting the right picture and will limit your opportunities. Talking to a positive person, on the other hand, will change your perspective, and make the right choice much easier.

Live At The Present

Live At The Present

When you are buried in negative thinking, then you are often thinking about what may happen. To snap out of that nightmare, put your attention in the present. Take a look what is around and try to focus on the moment.

Start making it a habit to live in the present moment and think about the present. You will have less negative thoughts and be more constructive and happy.

Here are some ways to bring yourself back to being mindful and this moment.

  • Look around you – Just focus on the people and things that are around you, the noises from the street and muffled words, the smells that you can feel and the sun shining on your skin.
  • Focus on your breathing – Forget everything else just focus on the air going in and out and nothing else.

These tricks may look simple but are very helpful if you remember them and use the in the right moment.

Make Someone Happy

Make Someone Happy

If you get stuck in negative mindset or victim thinking, then the best way to get out of your thoughts bouncing around and your head is to focus outwards on someone else.

Make someone happy and add positivity to someone’s life in some way. Then you too will start to feel better and more optimistic. Here are some ways how can you add positivity to someone’s life:

  • Help out – Give to someone real and honest advice in the field that you have knowledge.
  • Be kind – Hold up the door, let him into your lane while driving or give a genuine compliment.
  • Just be there – Listen for a few minutes with attention, that can make a huge relief for the right person.

Wrap Up

You can’t predict your life, but you can control how to react to certain situations in your life, and you know how to turn your negativity into happiness. Next time you’re feeling down, stressed or anxious, try to remember what you learned here and use it for your benefit. Now get off that comfortable couch and do some exercise instead.