Arm Muscle Building Workouts with Dumbbells

Posted By: Stella Pike | December 24, 2020

Toned biceps are much more than looks & boosted confidence. Strong arms leads to many other key health benefits. Strengthened arms & shoulders prevent injuries & help in improving your posture. They also protect bones while stabilizing your joints. Luckily, Building arm muscles does not require too much effort. Simple arm exercises that incorporate just dumbbells can give you amazing results. If you are a fitness enthusiast you already know that bicep workouts are essentially important for every exercise in the weight room. Here are some dumbbell workouts that amazingly strengthen & tones your forearms, triceps, biceps, & shoulders.

Get started With

Dumbbells come in 2 basic styles
● Fixed-weight
● Adjustable

Gyms usually have a number of fixed dumbbells that vary in weights. But if you workout at home we would recommend you to get adjustable dumbbells. You will have the freedom of removing weight plates or adding on more depending on the activity you are doing. If you are a beginner start with less weight and gradually increase it.

Warm-Up Properly

Warm Up

Make sure to warm up properly before working out, it is essentially important as it buys following benefits:
● Prepares you for the exercise
● Get you in exercise mood
● Increase your motivation
● Enhance your performance
● Prevent the risk of injuries

For warming up properly, do light cardio exercises for regulating your blood flow, raise the core temperature, & get the muscles warm. Simple warmup includes Jogging, Hopping, Jumping rope and dynamic stretches.

Forearm Workouts

Forearm Workouts

1) Palms-up wrist curl

This workout targets your flexor muscles that are located at the underside of the forearm.

Start doing this workout with 5-10 pound dumbbells, or lighter. Sit upright straight on a bench, having your knees making a right angle with the ground. Now, hold dumbbells in your palms.
And rest the forearms on thighs while letting your hands hang beyond your knees. Then relax both of your hands a little so weights get slightly lower than your knee level and simultaneously curl weights upward, while returning to the position you started with.

2) Palms-down wrist curls

This workout targets the extensor muscles that are located at the top of the forearm. They are done similar to palms-up curls. With a difference, that while performing palm up curls you get to rest both of your hands at your knee edges, while your palms face the ground. This workout requires a slightly lighter weight, compared to your palms-up curls.

Biceps exercises

Biceps Exercises

These muscle groups are located at the front side of your upper arms.

1) Bicep Curls

This workout can be performed while standing or sitting on a bench. Start with holding dumbbells in both of your hands, and arms down at your sides. Take a breath in and as you exhale, start curling the weight slowly toward the shoulders. Keep your focus on working out your biceps for pulling up the weight. Lean forward, or bend back while bringing them up, keeping your core engaged & back straight. Stay there for a moment then lower both of the dumbbells to the starting position.

2) Concentration Curls

It is one the most effective bicep strengthening workouts. Start this workout by sitting on a chair with both of your legs hip-width apart and lean forward. Pick the dumbbell by using the left hand of yours & rest the elbow beside the inner side of the left thigh. It’s your starting position.Start curling the dumbbell towards the shoulder while you palm face up. Take a moment then and slowly lower down the weight to the position you started from. Switch the arm after you have done with the complete set.

Triceps exercises

Triceps Exercises

1) Triceps kickback

Start by holding a dumbbell in your hand, while hanging your arms at your sides & the palms facing each other. Move your arms closer to your knees, bend them & lean forward. Straighten both your arms as you exhale by slightly finishing your arms behind you. Stay there for a moment and go to the starting position.

2) Overhead extension

Sit and stand while strengthening your back. Hold a dumbbell by using your both hands with a handle. Lift up the dumbbell over your head to start. Start bending your elbows slowly and lowering behind your head. After that slowly raise the dumbbell to the position you started.