Best Bodyweight or Calisthenics Leg Workout

Posted By: Stella Pike | January 31, 2022


We have all heard about the word chicken legs in the gym and trust me it is one of the biggest fears for men. In most cases when men talk about workouts, they just want toned abs and some biceps to peek through their T-shirt.

However, there is always more to the story. People usually keep working on the arms, chest, abs, and upper body but they ignore legs because they feel they can simply hide the legs. However, with skinny jeans and tight-fitting clothes, you cannot hide your physique at all.

Leg Workout

For most sports, you need leg strength and a simple running exercise is not enough.

In most cases, people use running and jogging as a leg workout without realizing that it will only help with the strength and not with the mass. Even if you are not an athlete and you just want to look good, you still need to focus on your leg workout.

Without the strength of your leg muscles, you will not be able to feel healthy and fit. For most muscle mass-based exercises, you need a lot of equipment. This is not just limited to gym equipment, you also need weight machines.

However, with everyone stuck at home, people are now returning to traditional and most effective Calisthenics exercise. These exercises are also known as bodyweight exercises and for these, you do not need any extra equipment.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail about the Calisthenics exercises and how you can use the traditional Calisthenics style to gain muscle. We will also talk about some of the most common Calisthenics or bodyweight exercises that are recommended for legs to help you get rid of chicken legs.

What Is Calisthenics Style Or Bodyweight Method?

Calisthenics is a traditional resistance-based exercise style where you just use your body weight. If you look at some of the oldest exercises like yoga, gymnastics, and acrobatics you will see that the people who practiced all these arts had a very aesthetic appeal to their bodies. They had a very strong yet lean body structure. This art of exercise was first introduced by Greeks where they practiced different Calisthenics exercises to sculpt their bodies. With the use of body weight, you try to change your posture and hold it for a few seconds in a way that your bodyweight gets pointed to the muscle group that you want to train. This helps the body to acquire strength and it also reduces the chance of injury because you are not using external weight. However, your posture will play a very important role throughout.

5 Simple Calisthenics Exercises for Stronger Legs

1. Calisthenics Squat

Calisthenics Squat

This is a classic bodyweight squat that requires you to start by parting your legs and then keep your hands forward so you do not reach out for any kind of support. Now you just need to sit while your body weight will be on your legs.

2. Archer Squat

This squat is a little different take on the classic bodyweight squat. You need to stretch one leg fully while your whole body weight is on one single leg only. This will help you stretch your muscles and improve your overall performance.

3. One Leg Squat

One Leg Squat

Box squat is pretty common however, most people say that box squat only helps you work your abs. The best way to bring it up a notch is by one leg box squat exercise. For this, you need to keep a bench or a box to sit on. Now you just need to maintain your posture and lift one leg so that your body weight is only on one leg. Now squat without touching the leg on the ground, hold it for a few seconds and start again.

4. Lunges

The lunge is a very good functional exercise that mainly focuses on the walking posture and uses all the leg muscles. This is a classic lunge where you just need to take a big step and then do a dip till your knee touches the ground.

5. Hover Lunge

Hover Lunge

This is another modern take on the traditional lung. For this, you will start by getting into the lunge position but make sure your rear leg is in the air. For balance, you need to keep your hands right in front of you and now you can lower down into the lunge position.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there are so many different kinds of exercises that it becomes difficult for people to choose the best option. For selecting a good exercise you need to start by setting an aim.

You cannot work towards something unless you do not set the goal. For each muscle group, body organ, and health issue, there are so many different exercises and training that you can try. Using machines was not common a few years ago, most people globally were using traditional weights and simple exercises to train their bodies. The bodyweight method is as old as the Greeks and it is so far the best and most effective style as well.