Developing a High Level of Endurance

Posted By: Stella Pike | May 28, 2017

There are many fitness activities and sports that require a high level of endurance, and building up this endurance takes many long hours of targeted training. One thing you should know about endurance is that, unlike strength, which can stay with you for a month or more, you will lose your endurance quite quickly without proper conditioning. For this reason, if you are preparing for a triathlon, marathon, or other activity that requires a superior level of endurance, you are going to need to train tough, hard, and often.

Endurance Exercise

A typical sports-specific training regimen for marathon running, for example, will involve long running sessions over various terrains. The treadmill will likely be used as well, and the incline adjustment can be used to simulate the different inclines one would likely experience on a terrain during a marathon. Similarly, if one is preparing for a triathlon, various exercises can be performed in the swimming pool, on the treadmill, and also on a bike. The idea is to get your muscles and cardiovascular system conditioned to working hard for many hours at a high level of intensity. Endurance sports are difficult because they are very taxing on the body..

What to do during an endurance competition?

Nutrition is quite important with endurance exercise just as it is with strength and muscle building. However, the amount of protein that you consume for these exercises does not usually need to be in the same quantities as in anaerobic exercise. You need to make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, because it is very easy for athletes to lose these minerals through sweat in intense exercise. Additionally, a stable form of energy like complex carbohydrates is required before each training session, during, and after. You want to make sure that your body is getting a quick supply of glucose throughout the entire exercise routine, as this will prevent muscle breakdown.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of marathon runners who train for endurance tend to look very thin, with little muscle mass on their bodies. Aside from training only slow-twitch muscle fibers, endurance running for very long periods without adequate nutrition often results in muscle atrophy. It is up to you to choose which exercise type is best for you; aerobic or anaerobic.

Endurance or muscle building?

Some people find great pleasure in pushing themselves to the limit and being able to beat the competition in large-scale triathlons or marathons, while others enjoy the feeling of being able to lift a little more weight or the way their muscles look when flexed in the mirror. Both types of exercise have their place in fitness and should ideally be trained together for optimal results. The human body was made to run, jump, lift, and do all kinds of other activities, so saying one is better than the other is silly. A healthy person will use the best of both worlds in his training regimen to help build a body that has high endurance, is strong, and also muscular.