Get in Shape with Your Dog – Your True Companion

Posted By: Stella Pike | September 10, 2020

Dogs can be your lifelong companions and friends, they just want to love and be loved. Owning a dog is good for you on both a physical and emotional level. Dogs don’t just fill your heart, they make it stronger by motivating to do new things every day. Whether you’re a dog owner or you are just a volunteer, hanging out with your four-legged friend can do wonders for your wellbeing.

If you want your dog and you to be in a good shape then doing exercise with your furry friend is the best way. Dogs are creatures of habit and they can help you keep up your workout routine. Having a dog around can fill your life with potential like the potential to get up off the couch, step away from electronic devices and get moving.

There are plenty of ways to get in shape and be a better version of yourself with your dog so, here are some tips that will help you get fit with your dog:

1. Warm-Up with Your Dog:

Warm-up with Dog

Working out with your dog will help to keep a positive attitude, they help you have fun, and you can start your workout with a light jog to a nearby park, field or beach. This would be a better gate for overall exercise, simply walk along and work on training the dog to stay focused on the task that is jogging rather than getting distracted by every distinctive smell he finds.
You can use a dog leashes to help control speed of your dog and guide the route also doing jogging or adding a little more movement into you and your pet-care routine just takes some creativity and an open mind.

2. Doga-Doing Yoga with Your Dog:

Yoga with Dog

Yes, it is possible! if you like doing yoga on daily basis and perform in front of your dog than it is possible that your dog will like it too. While doing yoga at your home you can incorporate your dog as well like

– If you are having a smaller dog then you can lift your dog during poses like “Worrier I”

– If your dog is big so you can simply practice stretching alongside a larger dog.

– Also, you can incorporate yoga into dog walks and playtime

– You can rest together naturally during quieter poses of yoga

Benefits of Doga:

– It is much more fun doing any kind of physical activity with your pooch, it is a fantastic way to bond with your dog. This bonding will help your dog learn how to trust you and strengthen your relationship.

– Doing yoga with your dog is still a form of exercise, it would help you and your pet to get a perfect body shape and improve the flexibility and range of motion.

– If your dog recovering from any kind of injury or accident, yoga would help them to get significant pain relief through gentle starching which relieves muscle tension.

– One of the best benefits of Doga is it helps you to deal with stress and anxiety well.

– It also great for dogs who are having behavioural issues, with yoga dog will learn how to become still and relaxed.

3. Playing Outdoor Games with Your Dog:

Outdoor Games with Dogs

You can enjoy some outdoor fun activities with your dog, playing with your dog is a form of getting exercise too! Also, no matter how deep you love playing sports, you can share that enthusiasm with your biggest sports buddy that is your dog.

Does football is your favourite game? Or maybe baseball is something you like most well, no matter your jersey can show it all and of course your pet must have been having the same kind of dog sports jersey that will show the deep love and passion about the particular sport.

You and your dog can enjoy playing outside wearing a sports jersey, there are so many games which both of you can play together and get fit.

Here are some of the play forms which you can try and have fun with your furry buddy at the same time:

-Squat and Throw: Hold a dog toy in both hands, stand with your feet shoulder-wide apart. Come on to a squat position, as you begin to rise, throw the dog toy as far back over your head and behind as possible. As soon as your dog returns with the toy, that would be your one rep. You can repeat this for 10 to 15 reps.

-Four-Way Run: Take a treat in your hand and break it into four pieces and let your dog smell it in your hand. Now, from the starting line, run backwards for up to 40yards, than run forward to the starting line and then lateral-shuffle 40 yards to the left and lateral-shuffle to the right then back to the starting position. Repeat the steps and give a treat to your dog after completing each rep. You can complete 4 to 5 rounds of this four-way run.

-Russian Twist with a Treat: Take a treat on your hand and sit on the ground. Break the treat into 5 small pieces and let your dog smell it. Sit by making 45 degree angle and lift your heels, while keeping back straight start twisting your torso to the left and tap hands on the floor than repeat the same thing on the right side and here you complete your 1st rep. Complete about 10 reps, giving your dog a treat after every other rep.

These are the few games which you can play with your dog and enjoy your day also, it will help to make you super fit and improve your brain power as well.

Final Words:

Nothing is better than having a good companion while moving forward to be a better version of yourself. Doing exercise is good for health, but exercise with your pet is even better! You both benefit from a good workout. Also, exercise together gives you more time to spend and enjoy each other’s company and improve your overall mood. The above are some tips that will help you and your dog to stay fit. So, just heed these tips before you go and have a great workout that you can both appreciate.