GI vs. No-GI: Training, Benefits and More

Posted By: Stella Pike | January 31, 2022


Grappling is a serious sport, this means that you need to focus on your training and stay consistent with the practice, within grappling you use mainly chokes and locks to acquire submission from your opponent. You need to work on every technique because the amount of pressure that you put during a choke and lock is very important. There is a certain threshold of pressure that is important, increasing or decreasing that threshold can impact the damage.

In certain cases when beginners put pressure, they exceed the pressure and end up permanently damaging the opponent. Within BJJ, there are two different types and there is an ongoing debate about the training and effectiveness of each type. Some people think that both GI and No GI are important and you need to learn both if you want to win every game.

However, there is a difference between the training, technique, and the use of the body while practicing both types. Generally, people try to find out which type is superior; however, professionals say that there is no superior type and both are equally significant.

GI vs Non-GI

With the help of this article, you will be able to know in detail the basic difference between both types. You will also be able to know how the training technique is different and what is the opinion of professionals when it comes to their effectiveness. We have also addressed some of the benefits that make both types significant.

Training In No GI vs. GI

The major difference between both types is that GI offers grip, which means the opponent is wearing enough clothes that you can hold on to it and use that against the opponent. However, within No GI everything is fast-paced because you have nothing to hold on to.

Training for both types is very different. From the start, you will feel like GI is better because it gets easier to use the grip and you can slide and sweep the opponent easily. However, you will eventually realize that it is the total opposite. People who train in GI have a solid base of primary defense but you need to focus on self-defense.

Your pace needs to be very defensive in GI because it is a relatively slow pace but with No GI the focus is on an aggressive approach because you do not have enough time. With GI the best part is that it is close to reality because you can use the jacket or shirt for the rip.

Training in no-GI vs GI

With no GI, the player executes simple tasks easily because of limited options. There is no distraction and you can easily smooth out the way for yourself. The number of techniques, sweeps, and submissions is relatively less but it is aggressive. The main trick of no GI players is to use submission and win a match through that.

Benefits of No GI BJJ Training

  • Training No GI is extremely exhausting and hard but it is extremely fun as well. Most people love the actual spirit of getting on the mat and taking the opportunity to let out the frustration.
  • The duration of No GI matches is relatively less because there are no grips and no hurdles. You increase the pace of movement and you take down the other individual right away. This increases the thrill of the game and makes it extremely fun.
  • GI is relatively closer to reality because in most cases if someone will attack you, there will be some kind of clothing item to hold on to. You will be required to be very responsive and handle the opponent right away.
  • No GI helps in getting out of the comfort zone and challenging the body because there are no grips. People usually try to hold on to things to lift them or to choke them. However, with No GI body tries to find a way to handle the opponent without the grip.
  • No GI sets you free to enjoy the game and use similar techniques for other combat-based games as well. This is because in most MMA matches players only wear shorts so there is no way to hold the opponent.
Benefits of No GI Bjj Training

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, both types are equally important. The best solution is that you need to mix the techniques of both types and use these techniques to win the game. Some so many different professionals prefer mixing different techniques and then they form their style. If you are going to take BJJ professionally, you need to look at the broader perspective of the game. BJJ is not just a simple combat-based game, it is more than that. BJJ is a whole lifestyle that will affect every aspect of your life starting from your diet and the way you live your life. BJJ is known to be the chess of the body, this means that your mind and body need to be in sync if you want to take BJJ professionally.