Health Benefits of Practicing BJJ

Posted By: Stella Pike | December 25, 2020

People practice BJJ for achieving different goals, such as getting trained for self-defense, boosting their physical & mental fitness, or for a professional competition. Regardless of what your personal goals are, practicing BJJ keeps you in the best or your health.

BJJ is not just a combat sport. It’s a whole lifestyle with a lot of health tips. The changes this game brings to your life goes beyond things you are able to see but leaves a big impact on your lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of practicing BJJ.

1) Jiu-Jitsu is a full Body Workout

Jiu Jitsu

BJJ training engages your whole body muscles as you begin to train that results in body toning, fat loss & improved overall fitness. This high-aerobic training targets all the major muscle groups of your body. Each class helps in burning extra calories, and boosting endurance. An hour session of BJJ can effectively burn upto 500 calories. Intense upper & lower body exercises that you practice on mats makes your daily life activities easy. With time, you will begin to experience changes in your body. It wants a productive activity that helps in losing weight as well, BJJ is what you should go for.

2) Improved Mental Health

Improve Mental Health

Along with physical benefits BJJ also affects your mental health in a positive way. Learning the technique firstly involves your mind than your physical body. Mastering a technique requires regular practice. You get to learn the technique before executing it. Learning the correct application of technique is a challenging part. Some drills often go on for months.It practically teaches that in order to achieve your goal you might have to face frustration & failure but if you quit you won’t ever reach top. The pushes you mental strength to every time you re-try the same move, increased threshold will not only help you in clasa but other aspects of your life as well.

Jiu Jitsu is an amazing great stress reliever. Focus is the core key in this sport. For the time it lets you forget about the stress and the effects of endorphin release are incredible.

3) Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Unmatchable benefit of BJJ is the improved cardiovascular health. Generally Physicians recommend between 20-30 mins of cardiovascular workouts 3-5 days each week. BJJ will get you up from laying around or playing video games. Whether you practice it at your home or go to a martial arts academy, this training will make you do at least 20-mins of cardio. It will increase your blood pumping & put some stress on your heart which will improve your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart lowers your risk of heart disease & strokes.

4) Improve Your Flexibility and Balance

Improve Balance

Practicing BJJ improves your flexibility & balance. Your body gains an improved sense of balance, and becomes more tuned. These movements will also increase your flexibility,and keep you limber. Same as the benefits of yoga. You get to extend both of your arms & legs, stretches, for performing aerobic activity that helps with flexibility.

5) Improves Your Self Esteem

Improve Self Esteem

Along with other benefits, BJJ increases your self-esteem. It can be done in several ways. Perfecting your body shape, will make you feel good about your own body that will make you more confident and improve your mood overall. Also benign equipped with self-defense techniques will empower you.

6) Improved Focus & Concentration

BJJ is not just a combat sport. Itunes your whole body While teaching you focus & concentration. It requires you to attentively observe your opponent while focusing on how to use the exact moment for your advantage. These skills carry you through everyday life, and help you in concentrating. Leading to enhanced focus & your mental clarity that resultantly make you calm and relaxed. The release of endorphin will make the results last up to several hours even after workout.


People from diverse backgrounds come to BJJ class that gives you an opportunity to interact with them y’all enters the class for a common reason – get better. The benefits BJJ training offers are far beyond physical. The gained benefits counties the positive contribution for your whole life it doesn’t matter if you can’t see them all- they continue to happen!