How to Lose Weight With Yoga in 1 Month

Posted By: Stella Pike | June 22, 2020

If you have been thinking about getting into summer shape in no time, we have some great news for you. By doing yoga, weight loss results can be staggering and very quick. In this article, we will present you with how you can lose weight with yoga, in only one month.

Yoga Pose

Every day now, the weather is getting better, and everything is coming into full bloom. If you have been thinking of shedding some extra pounds to get into the bikini body of your dreams, yoga might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The ancient tradition of yoga is a system of exercise to strengthen the body and balance the mind. It has been used for a very long time to establish homeostasis in the body and is believed to not only help with weight loss. Yoga is thought to provide you with the means to transform the character, and ultimately, one’s life.

The ancient exercise system works to sculpt the character, improve discipline, and mental balance on top of helping you reap weight loss results in no time. Coupled with the appropriate supplements, such as the best MCT oil, you can be sure to see astonishing, transformative results after just one month. Let’s dive in.

Which Yoga is the Best for Weight Loss?

Lose Weight With Yoga

There are a plethora of yoga traditions that all have subtle variations, differing from school to school. When you are looking for yoga exercises for weight loss, some types will be more suitable than others. If you do not want to invest much thought and know that you will reap benefits in under 15 minutes of practice a day; try the 5 Tibetan Rites. These are a condensed system of five exercises that have all types of lore surrounding them.

According to legends, they will not only work to help you shed pounds, but also make you look progressively younger, erase back pain, and expand spiritual awareness. In case you are willing to spend more time, it is worth to try hot yoga. Hot yoga and weight loss are known to be synonymous amongst enthusiasts, results can be truly staggering with this specific type of class. Hot yoga stems from the famous Bikram yoga tradition and is performed in a heated and humid room. This works to help you sweat out water weight, impurities, and achieve flexibility at a high pace.

Even long-term practitioners of yoga have a common consensus that hot yoga can be extra challenging due to the additional heat in the room. However, if you can endure the one-hour-long classes, you will be sure to see results in your weight loss, core strength, and emotional well-being after just one month.

Experts agree that stretching when your muscles are warm is going to benefit your flexibility greatly. Muscles and joints tend to open up more, and therefore, increase your potential to reach. In the case of hot yoga, you might find that you can get into stances and positions way easier than with usual yoga exercises. This can be encouraging to keep you motivated on your weight loss plan.

However, if you are starting, it is crucial not to push yourself too far and faster than your body can handle it. If you want to endure a 30-day yoga challenge, weight loss will be steadier if you can pull through each day. It is better not to strain yourself too much on a given day so that you won’t be tempted to take days off for recovery.

Yoga – A holistic Practice

Yoga Holistic Practice

According to Samantha Scupp, a yoga instructor and founder of the Heatwise yoga studio network, hot yoga disguises itself as a workout. It is a stress relief at its core. In hot yoga, you sweat for an hour, listen to music, and release tension in your body. Stretching the body maximizes blood circulation and, according to the instructor, puts you in a trance that is better than any drug. Anecdotally, many people find themselves trying the yoga weight loss plan, but keeping the practice as a newfound way to deal with life.

The meditative aspects of yoga can help to start your day out in the best possible of ways, helping you find an emotional equilibrium and a fresh perspective. It can be staggering how much tension gets stuck in the body. Something might just not feel right, but after a couple of stretches, it seems like the day has switched 180 degrees.

Yoga can be a heaven for you whenever you need to find peace. It is a system that has been established for exactly that, reconnecting to oneself and coming out of practice a little better than before. In the highest aspirations, yoga can be said to have life-changing qualities. If you try it for just a month, you might be flabbergasted at how much a combination of stretches can impact the way you see the world.

Yoga & Diet

For the best yoga weight loss results, it is important to adjust your diet. During your weight loss month, try to drink 2 liters of water daily at the very least. Usually, people are rare to hydrate enough. Especially for shedding weight, it is crucial to keep your body processes running smoothly. Water is an important part of that. If you think water tastes boring, try to put lemon in it.

Decrease your intake of sugars, carbs, and change it up with fruits and protein-oriented meals. A high-protein diet will aid to burn calories from your reserves, as well as build lean muscle. Another dietary tip is to try and eat spicily. Studies show that it can help lose weight faster. Also, done in the morning, yoga for weight loss can be extra effective. An empty stomach will help you burn your bodies’ fat reserves rather than just your last meal.

As always, the best things in life have to be tried to be experienced. Yoga is a tried and true Physical Exercise system that has been known to work for people for thousands of years. The recent cultural hype around it is not just fluff. If you ask anyone who practices it, you will likely hear a whole lot of praise. If you have not yet tried yoga for yourself, you are depriving yourself of a better life. Don’t take our words for it, but if you are looking for fast weight loss, yoga at home or in a class could be the answer you have been waiting for. Give it a try!