How to prevent Weight Gain after a Transition from Keto Diet

Posted By: Stella Pike | August 13, 2020

Ketosis Diet is one of the most effective diets to reduce weight as well as prevent many dreadful diseases including Diabetes and some among the Cancers. You may be Quitting Keto Diet because you may have lost your wished weight. May be 10 lbs, 20 lbs depends on YOU, but one of the main disadvantage of Keto Diet is that it results in weight gaining if you just rushes to QUIT the diet.


Adding Carbs to Your Diet

Quitting Keto Diet does not mean to start eating junks. According to Reyna Franco, New York-based registered dietitian nutritionist, one who is not loosing anymore weight or has stopped Keto diet must not start adding Carbs immediately to their meal.

The main objective of avoiding Carbs is because of the amount of water they contain which leads to Weight Gain. A quick fluctuation in your transition of High fat and protein and Low Carbs to High Carbs may cause various Conditions like:-
• Weight Gain
• Spikes in Blood Sugar level
• Diarrhea and Stomach ache

Adding bread immediately to your diet is not advised.

So now, how will I add Carbs to my diet slowly?

It is a good practice to have 10-50g of Carbs during the transition days. Beans, sprouted breads, cashews and avocados are good to start your transition. It is beneficial to add low carb diet and hard to digest Carbs (high in protein and fiber).

More examples of Hard to Digest Carbs:-
• Legumes
• Grains
• Cereals
• Nuts
• Seeds

Gradually increase amount of Carbohydrates in your diet.

Controlling Portion Size of Your Meal

Portion of Your Meals

Gradually increasing the portion size than a quick change in it helps in preventing weight gain. After months or years of Keto Diet you may be tempted to those round sugary Doughnuts, but it could only make your cravings worse. These simple but highly effective mistakes may cause your diet of months and years.

It does not mean that you cannot have it for months but for few weeks.

A portion size of 30-50 grams of Carbs, 80-90 grams of protein and 100-135 grams of fat for the first 1-2 weeks is a good habit.

A portion size of 30-55g of Carbs, 80-100 grams of protein and 100-150 grams of fat for the next weeks is most preferred.

What You MUST avoid to gain weight

Foods to Avoid

Weight loss not only depends about your body and diet but also your environment and lifestyle. Being hydrated and maintaining water level balance is a key factor. Drinking water and being hydrated helps you to be less hungry than being dehydrated.

Cheating the transition of one day may not completely ruin your practice but could result in weight gain which is not the objective of the transition. Following the transition could really benefit you.

Here is a list of 10 foods that you must avoid in transition in first few weeks:-

Potato Fries or mostly know as French Fries:

Potato as a veggie is good for health, but French fries and Potato fries are not. This is mostly because of its High Calorie Value and because of it being so easy to eat a pile of it.

Coke and other sugary drinks:

Its self explanatory that sugary drinks and Coke are not something that you must try in this transition period, Increase in sugar in blood level causes diabetes which could cause weight gaining.

Candy Bars:

Just like Coke and other Sugary drinks you must avoid them because of their high Sugar content.


Consuming beer is harmful even if you are not in a diet, but It becomes worse while in diet as contain a lot of Calorie than Carbs and Proteins which cause gaining of weight.

Extra Calories get stored for future uses like in muscles as glycogen but mostly as fat. Thus extra Calories cause gaining weight.

Pizzas and other junk foods:

Pizza and other junk foods have high Calorie Value thus causing gaining weight just like Beer and other alcoholic drinks.

White Bread:

White Bread contains a lot of added sugar thus causing weight gaining.

Delicious foods that are good in your transition period

Now let us see some delicious fruits that you must try during the transition period.



It contains a lot of Vitamin C which helps to prevent gaining of weight.


It helps in hydrating your body as it contains almost 90% of water.


It contains good amount of fiber but has a good amount of Carbs (almost 12 grams). Please be sure to control your Portion Size.


It one of the most advised vegetables by Nutritionists as it contains a lot of Vitamin A. Like sweet potatoes it is good to control your Portion Size.

Why do you Gain weight even though you are doing everything right

The only answer is that it depends on your body, your environments and your various habits. Therefore the main way to prevent weight gaining is to exercise daily which helps you to burn your calories.


Check this link for creating a custom diet as per your wish including two of your favorite meals for your Keto transition and starting it.