How to sustain weight Loss in proper way

Posted By: Stella Pike | October 3, 2018

When you try to maintain healthy diet and losing weight, you make up your mind to lose weight in any way and you try different ways that you’ve heard from your friends, neighbors, parents, etc. You try them and when you realize that the way in which you were working is not proper, you end up giving up on diet and you gain back the weight you loosed.
After sometime gaining the weight back might feel inevitable, it doesn’t have to be but it is really important to know what are the proper steps to maintain weight loss and follow this cycle in proper way.

Stronger than your excuses

How your appetite and daily activities can sabotage Weight Loss and how to beat the odds and lose the weight without becoming slave to the scale?

As mentioned previously, you should have the correct mentality. Without having this, you are condemned to stop right from the start. In case, you aren’t carrying this out for yourself you may have a difficult time attempting to remain on your diet plan. Consider the purposes why you would like to slim down and have a record of it. Help remind yourself the reason why you chose to go down this road every time you end up straying from your diet plan.

Here are some few reasons why people end up regaining the weight they lose. They are mostly to unrealistic expectations and feeling of deprivations.

Wrong Mindsets

When you think of a diet as quick fix rather than long term solution, you’ll be likely to lose and gain back the weight. Many people think of it in a way that that “If I lose my weight with dieting and stop consuming any of the meal, I can lose weight faster”.

Many times this mindset can results in form of side effects and once you lose weight you start consuming junk food and stop the diet and work out in a way that it results by gaining weight at the end.

Well these are the some of the tips that if you follow them on daily basis of your life you can overcome this mindset and you can get self motivated to maintain proper diet and live healthy life.


  • Regular weight check:

    You’re probably doing this in order to psych yourself up and keep going further. Once you reach your target weight, however some people thing that “Target accomplished” and stop their diet. Don’t be one of those people. If you weight yourself regularly, every time you get home from work out or gym, you’ll remain hawk-eyed for extra weight that are sneaking their way back onto your body.

  • Have a Role model:

    Everyone has some individual who motivates them to become something and do something and it is good to have a role model because it motivates you to work like them. It is really helpful to have role model who works out regularly, check their updates on how they workout daily and how do they maintain their diet to keep their body fit. This can motivate you to work like them and gain something in Life.

  • Be around the people who works out regularly:

    As we all know that If someone from your friends or family has a perfect figure then you always get a bit jealous of them and you start working in that way which motivates to work hard to gain a perfect body like them. But remember that if you start to work in the way they work, it can harm in some ways because every person have different bodies and different system, all people need different kind of diet to maintain their physical health. So, it is better to make your own ways or consult a dietitian and ask them to make your diet plan and work and eat according to that.

Lack of feasible Habits

Many diets are based on willpower rather than habits you can improve in your daily life. People end up eating junk food rather than eating healthy food, focuses on rules rather than lifestyle changes, which may discourage you and prevent weight maintenance.


  • Be Consistent:

    Consistency is a key to keeping weight off. Instead of on and off dieting that ends with going back to old habits, it is preferable to stick with your diet and lifestyle for good.

  • Practice proper eating:

    It is the practice of listening to internal appetite and paying attention during eating process.
    It involves eating and chewing food properly, without any kind of distraction so you can taste the aroma of your meal and enjoy it which results in proper and faster metabolism and healthy lifestyle.

  • Track your calorie intake:

    Once you know the number of calories necessary to consume and sustain your targeted weight, you need to carefully track the number of calories you’re consuming within your budget. Check the nutrition fact label on your packaged food.

Restrictive diet

People like to consume food which satisfies their taste temptations with which they can gain high number of calories which may slow their metabolism and shift your appetite-regulating hormones, which are both factors that results to weight gain.


  • Eat Low fat food:

    A diet with large proportion of fat makes it hard to maintain your weight loss. Fat has high energy density. A very fatty food like pizza, chocolates etc. have about 380 calories per piece. By contrast a low fat food like green vegetables such as spinach, coriander etc, contains only 7calories per cup. So it is beneficial to consume low calorie food to maintain proper diet.

  • Consume fat which are necessary for your body:

    Fats like nuts, seeds, olive or safflower oil, ghee into your diet. This contains polyunsaturated fats i.e. “Good fats” which keeps the body healthy.

  • Consume Low-carb diet:

    Being on a low-carb diet requires you to cut off carb such as grains, sweets, pastas, pizzas, cheesy food, spicy food, starchy vegetables, and some fruits that are high in carbohydrates. It speeds up the weight loss, reduces risk of diabetes and lower blood pressure.

Unrealistic Diets and Exercise Program

One major problem People regain weight after losing it is because, in an effort to lose weight fast. They often follow unrealistic diet that is not simply sustainable for the long term.
Losing weight quickly can also have some unpleasant side effects such as physical problems like dizziness, fatigue, headaches, gallstone then loss of muscles can take place especially when you’re dieting without exercise, you not only lose fat, you lose muscles as well that results in slowing down your metabolism, which contributes to even more weight gain.


  • Identify past food weaknesses:

    Some people have a hard time limiting their consumption of particular foods and are thus susceptible to weight increases. Foods which inspire overeating tend to be high in salt, spices, sugar and fat. Limit your intake of foods which meets these qualifications like French fries, pizzas, ice cream, and cookies.

  • Confront your risk factor of overeating:

    There are many psychological and emotional reasons why people choose to overeat. Some of the reasons can be stress, depression etc. If you’re stressed or depressed, find healthy way to get out of it which is yoga, deep breathing, regular exercise of minimum 30 minutes daily which all helps in reducing stress and depression./li>

  • Get Proper meals and most importantly consume breakfast:

    In research it is found that the people who skip their meals can have 30% chances of heart attack and people who skips breakfast increases the chance of heart attack by 45%. So it is necessary to consume proper breakfast and meals.

A Sedentary Lifestyle

Another known wrongdoer of weight regain is your relationship with gadgets like TV, Computer, Smart phones, Car and other assorted Electronics that encourages us to sit for hours at a time which makes us more lazy and which can actually shutdown your metabolism but, unfortunately, it’s what we spend most of our time doing making it easy to regain.

Bottom Line

Losing weight can be really difficult for people who are highly interested in eating food and trying out new thing but if they are consuming it in more amounts they should understand that eating unhealthy food can affect their life in many ways and it can lead to many kind of health issues. So, people who are highly interested in food can consume every kind of food but it should be in some minimum amount which should not harm your body in anyways.

There are some people who find weight-loss maintenance to be even more challenging. So, it is necessary to have a healthy diet to lead good life.