Importance of Exercise to Fitness – To Do or Not To Do Exercise

Posted By: Stella Pike | May 28, 2017

Going out with friends to the gym, to jog around the neighborhood or to do some cardios at the community park are great excuses to have fun. The heart will benefit exceptionally from the shared laughter and cheeky wisecracks. Besides, these physical activities done with enjoyment will do wonders to overall body fitness too. These activities are not going to be simply labeled with a much dreaded, sometimes boring activity title called exercise, but will be frivolously called going out with friends or family to have fun to stay physically fit.

Importance of Exercise to Fitness

Why this needs to give exercise another cooler label?

A lot of people always promise to do physical activities not limited to exercising in the gym or in the community grounds, but sports or even just a walk around the block. And always fail to do so. Many Exercise or Fitness specialists acknowledge these foot-dragging pre-disposition when it comes to more physically challenging actions, for people tend to think of the exhaustion after the activities and would rather not experience it. Opting out of the fun and the benefits because of some anticipated deterrents.

Importance of exercise:

  • Exercise is going to make the heart merry, and a merry heart will become fighting fit and will be good for a lifetime.
    How will the heart directly benefit from exercise?

    Exercise help build up muscles’ strength, and heart is made up of muscles or rather a muscle itself, working together with quite a number of veins and arteries to sustain life in living creatures by carrying the much needed oxygen with the blood it pumps through the nerves to the vital organs. When doing physical activities you tend to breathe a little faster than normal, making the heart pump quicker. The heart is used more than its normal function when doing exercise, and like an engine when used frequently it will not get rusted and will always respond quickly to the ignition. The heart will happily pump away blood thus supplying the nerves its much needed oxygen during exercise. The heart must be taken care of excellently in order to live a long and much fulfilled life.

    Slouching on the couch watching TV, staying enthroned in the computer chair busy with the internet or lying about engaged with an iPad or a cellphone will not only make body muscles waste away, the heart also will wither. Muscles if not used will not grow in strength and will slowly deteriorate, taking life and energy as it goes and when allowed to rest in inactivity will also slowly get rusty and will fail to pump life’s sustenance later.

  • According to recent studies short but regular everyday exercises like short walks around the block after dinner are more beneficial to the body than a once a week, whole day exercising with exercise machines at the gym in controlling bad cholesterol and fats circulating the body through the veins after a rich meal. Adults who go for these kinds of after dinner socialization with friends or romantic strolls with their partners tend to maintain great shapes. And those who had just started with this type of exercise presented healthier physiques after only a short period of following these regimen.
  • Short bouts of exercises are great in smoothing away difficulties for those who are trying to quit smoking. Cravings for cigarettes or cigars became fewer and far in between when the persons who are trying to give up smoking were made to follow short but regular exercise programs.
  • In adults who are in their prime age (those over 50 years old and up) exercise help them to shed those extra calories that their muscle mass cannot carry. Those extra calories are burned through exercise and when those extra calories are shed the body becomes healthier and metabolism improves. No unwanted extra fats deposited in strategic areas of the body, making ungainly bulges and unhealthy bulky body.
  • Exercise makes our physical motor run smoothly, muscles are strengthened, heart is healthy, toxins are shed, and unhealthy habits are given up. Summing up these benefits it’s safe to say that those who follow regular exercise routines have very healthy body and their tendency to develop chronic illnesses are lesser. Illnesses can still catch them offhand but recovery is always sure and quicker. Common illnesses and diseases will not readily progress into debilitating illnesses. Exercise helps improve immune functions, to accomplish healthier body mass and bone density, remedy metabolism dysfunctions and maintain blood pressure and a healthy heart.
  • As the body age it slowly losses it’s natural and inherent flexibility, mobility is reduced and sometimes pain inducing that posture becomes affected because of the pain that will be triggered by some positions. When all of these set in or even just one natural ability of the body gets disrupted, the body’s sense of balance also declines. Exercise keeps up the body’s natural ability to flex, move and balance, if not perfect at least at the ideal.

Now decide, to exercise or not, after reading a few basic but great benefits that can be gained from it. You just need to find the right people to do exercise with. And exercise will never be boring.