Mind and Body – The Thin Line between Physicality and Spirituality

Posted By: Stella Pike | May 28, 2017

We subconsciously detect it but have not openly acknowledged it. What is it? It’s the pains. Pains that our bodies felt when we experience emotional and physical distress.

According to recent studies, the ailments that we may experience in the future, diseases that may come up and attack us unknowingly were already communicated by the body early on in life.

Woman having headache migraine

The crushing pain we feel in our hearts when sad and before we start to cry, the gut wrenching pain in our stomach when we saw somebody get hurt and the rush of heat we feel slowly consuming our body when we are angry are all biological symptoms communicated by the emotions that we feel.

Therefore emotional stress is often translated as physical pain in the body and repeatedly experiencing emotional upsets translates into immunity weakening attacks to our bodies. Unhealthy emotions and unhealthy physical symptoms are interconnected. Thus when one weakens the other is dragged down with it.

However we are the one in control and the one who decides to let our body bear the repeated attacks by stress inducing emotions like anger, anxiety, agony and loathing. We can decide to discontinue those attacks to our bodies too by steering away from such emotions.

How to?

We can change negativity to positivity, in turn rejecting rage, disgust, dread and sorrow from our lives. Enriching our emotional, intellectual and physical connections as well as restoring life’s balance. When life is in balance we can think and feel coherently and will always come to realize that whatever happens we need to keep healthy by cultivating happiness and well-being.

Try to do the following to keep negativity at bay and restore balance:

  • When upset try to look for a place where you can quiet your mind and reflect on what happened. One way of doing it is to meditate, meditation is the state of being aware while at rest physically. Meditation has beneficial implications with hypertension, heart disease, depression, insomnia, and alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Eat a healthy diet that includes the good feel inducing fruits and vegetables. Eating the right kinds of foods alone sometimes solve debilitating illnesses. Eating good feel foods often provide relief from sad events. Enjoying eating the right kinds of nutritious foods with great awareness always takes our minds away from tragic circumstances. Nutrients are absorb and utilized to the highest degree by the body.
  • Do regular exercise. Physical activity often takes away our focus from the tragedy. Your body will benefit significantly from the activities it is put through, another kind of aches and pains will result from exercise but it will be the worthy aches and pains. Biologically you are also reducing the effect of modern day living to your body, promoting healthy heart, increase bone density develop muscle strength, enhances respiratory capacities
  • Sleep the sleep of the conqueror; restful and peaceful, the right number of well rested hours, natural and not induced by alcohol or drugs. Enough sleep helps calm your mind and will keep you alert to deal with stressful events collectively and calmly.
  • Let go of poisonous emotions. Talk about your disappointments, express your hurts and vent out your anger but in a more civilized manner. Analyze the whys and wherefores of the bottled emotions you are harboring deep inside you. That is slowly contaminating your emotions, rationality and spreading toxicity to your anatomy. Creating silent deadly ticking organ diseases that will rupture someday catching you physically and intellectually unaware although you are emotionally well-informed.

    Tracing back medical histories to 4000 years ago doctors from China recorded how illnesses results after a patient experience a life changing tragedy. In other ancient realms like Greece they were able to establish the connection with their “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” ideology. And this ideology became the very foundation on which they built their civilization. Greeks are always optimistic people they always see the positive sides on every problem.

Down the centuries of constant but gradual evolution books and manuscripts recorded study details of how our lineage the Homo sapiens come to survive while others like the Neanderthals became extinct. Collectively, the recordings point out that the conveniences we are enjoying today are the yields of the core creeds with which humankind are built on from the early days of humankind or Homo sapiens. The core creed that still exist in us today.

Homo sapiens since the very beginning of its existence don’t stop looking for ways with which it could improve its current living conditions. Homo sapiens or humans which is you and me and all of us people in the world today is never contented with the things and means that it currently has. It developed technology as it continues to exist here on Earth.

But technology were in gradual evolution a hundred years ago, unlike today when technology are being developed and innovated almost every minute and in hundreds. Truth be told and let’s accept the sad reality that the fast phase of technology driven modern living are taking its toll on modern people’s health. It’s more important to get in touch with our mind and body one in a while always restoring balance to the thin line dividing physicality and spirituality by cultivating healthy and loving relations with fellow humans and enjoying full deep laughs together from time to time. In short, living a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically and spiritually.