Tips To Choose The Suitable Female Incontinence Pads

Posted By: Stella Pike | June 15, 2018

Incontinence is a problem in the urinary tract whereby a person is unable to control urine. If there is any infection in the urinary tract, the person will not be able to control urination. The problem can be solved with the use of medicines and treatments. For the time being, one needs to use incontinence pads. You may not know but female incontinence is more common than male incontinence. Female incontinence pads can be purchased from online stores as well. Involuntary urine leakage is more common in females, and women use incontinence products more often than men. Among the line of incontinence products, panty liner is popular. This type of incontinence product is meant for light urination which is caused due to stress or dismay or laughter. There are females who choose toilet papers instead of incontinence pads but they cause a lot of problem to the skin. There may be skin rashes and skin eruption due to this.

Female Incontinence Pads

Female incontinence pads are just perfect for women who experience heavy urine flows. The pads are the most commonly used incontinence products so far. It is discreet, convenient and comes with different absorbing powers. So, we can say that the pads are suitable for many incontinence patients. They are absorbent pads that are just like the female sanitary pads. But, you can say that the design of the incontinence pads is more sophisticated. There are many absorptive cores on the pad which can be clearly seen to make sure that liquid doesn’t spills out. Here are the handy tips to buy them.

A closer look at the absorbency core

If one experiences heavy flows, they should look for more absorptive cores on the pad. Such a pad can hold urine in large volumes. This type of pad is more superior to regular cotton pads used in the underwear. Incontinence pads are available in varied absorbencies to handle light to heavy or medium flows. The user gets utmost protection when using the pad and it is also easy to dispose. Look for the pad which is scented. This can help to avoid bad odor. It is very important to look for the pads which are scented one as it can save from any embarrassing moment in a social gathering. Thus, using a scented incontinence pad is a smart move to make.

Why are incontinence pads so much preferred?

The pads are used by both male and female incontinence patients.  They are preferred simply because they are disposable and not that expensive. It is made with such materials which makes it easy to dispose. It is very important for any one suffering from this problem that they are available in a price which they can afford as it is going to use on daily basis and thus it is priced economically keeping in mind this important point. Patients who have mild incontinence can secure dryness completely. Patients with severe to moderate urine leakage can get great help. Combine it with pants or briefs to get the maximum benefit. It is discreet in nature and not bulky. And it is comfortable which makes it easy to wear it 24*7 without any hiccup.

What is the length and width?

The length and width of incontinence pads matters a lot . However, it varies as per the absorbing capability and the quality. Some of the manufacturers only make female incontinence pads that conform to the body of the female. So, the pads are not at all visible when worn. The choice of the pad depends on the user. Some users like the pads that are narrow while others prefer broader ones. What matters here is the level of comfort. Since patients wear pads for long hours, they have to be comfortable. Thus, this pads comes in differen length and width so that patient can buy them according to their needs and wants.

Incontinence Pads

Look for odor control design

Some of the pads come with design to control odor. Look for odor-free design to avoid embarrassing smell. You must go for the pad which helps to control urine odor. Because when it comes to social gathering especially the ones happening in hotel hall rooms, the things can get nasty and that special moment of gathering can turn out to be the most embarrassing moment of your life.

It is great to learn that there is great advancement in the realm of sanitary pads. More advanced and hygienic fabrics are used for making incontinence pads. The brand must be good and recognized to be sure of its trustworthiness. There are array of incontinence products to soak urine. But, you can always take doctor’s appointment to know the cause of urine leakage and how to avoid it. As a doctor can guide you in a right direction and can help you out in solving the situation.