Posted By: Stella Pike | February 1, 2022


Well if you have come a long way here to even read this blog, congrats! You are half your way there. Sex is a necessary part of a relationship to feel a deep connection with your partner as well to gain pleasure, fun and relief from stress. Yes, you heard it correct, sex is a great stress reliever and also has a long list of benefits other than just making a baby.

Electrifying Sex Life of Woman

Now we know that sex is important for both males and females. But sex is complicated sometimes as males and females both have different bodies. Our bodies are multifaceted, our needs are different, our desires are different and our feelings are different too. And it is completely okay to have complications or less pleasure than your partner during sex. Because sex is not only what we see in porn, let’s be practical and face the fact that whatever we do is totally different from whatever we see and we just cannot completely depend on that comparison.

As per the research, 40-50% of women enjoys less or experience less pleasure during sex. And it depends on multiple numbers of factors. Male bodies are made in such a way that they will ejaculate sooner or later after having sex and reaching an orgasm is normal for them. But women bodies are different; they take time to reach an orgasm and satisfaction. So if you are or were going through the same phase, then do not ever feel less confident about yourself because it is completely normal. Nothing is perfect in the world and sex is the most imperfect thing! Its beauty lies in the imperfection and exploring new things within it.

However, we can always try to make things better for ourselves and sex is one of them. There are multiple things a woman can do or make her partner do for her to achieve more satisfaction in her sex life. Let us understand some of these things here.


Education and no place for rumours

Educate Yourself for Sex

Sex Education is the most important thing for better and healthy sex life. Sex education is not just about what schools teach us like reproduction, safe sex, pregnancy, contraceptive etc. Both the partners should have correct education about the correct way of having sex, different positions, how to gain extra pleasure, your G-spot, education about trying out new things and whatnot. There would be some people telling you about useless stuff or spreading shitty rumours about sex just out of less or zero education about it. Thus, always believe in what you know and not in the rumours. If you feel you have lack knowledge, consult some specialists. Be practical about things.

Communicate with your partner

The world of sex is vast, and to get the most out of it, you must keep an open mind as you begin to explore it and never make any judgments about yourself or your partner’s mentality. Communicate with your partner without any hesitation about your feelings, your needs, your likes and dislikes, how you get turned on, at what place on your body you feel him the most, etc. Men get more pleasure if he sees you enjoying sex! And believe me if you have got a partner like this, he is the one for you. Communicating with your partner solves most of the problem.

Intimacy and Feelings

Create Intimacy before Sex

Regular intercourse with your partner foster an intimate bond that is necessary for a healthy relationship. Sex is just not for gaining pleasure, it’s a thing that connects two different bodies and creates a selfless bond in which he/she is more into satisfying their partner than themselves. As a women’s body functions differently than a male, she would not be able to enjoy sex if her relationship is having any sort of problems. If she does not feel the way she should, is not emotionally well connected with the partner, or if she is never been intimate enough with her partner. Great communication, solving out an argument together, regular kissing or cuddling can help with creating intimacy in the relationship.



Research has proved that the majority of women enjoy foreplay more than sex. Foreplay plays a great role in having great sex. Good foreplay can lead to an orgasm! A maximum of 20 minutes of foreplay can turn on a woman exciting her body parts which will lead to pleasurable sex. Foreplay can also help with less painful sex. Explore your body and try to find out where you feel the most exciting when your partner touches you. Consider having hot foreplay activities like kissing, sucking, oral sex, fingering, exciting the genitals like breasts, clitoris, G-spot and wherever you feel like.


According to the study, it isn’t necessary that a woman can only be turned on if she is extremely wet. Some women can be fully turned on and still not be wet. The wetness of the vagina depends on different factors and it is very normal for a vagina to become dry in the middle of the sex. Sex can be painful if proper lubrication is not used. This is the main cause for a majority of women having fewer sex desires. And it is also the reason why some women prefer masturbation over penetrating sex. The secret to having great sex is proper lubrication. You can try different types of lubrication like oil, gel, liquid, whatever suits you. There are many safe lubricants available in the market which you can try and use. You can also try some medications like Provestra female libido enhancement tablets”. It is a 100% safe, doctor-recommended daily supplement that boosts a woman’s desire for sex dramatically.

Try out new things

A routine kills desire, so keep things fresh and exciting to avoid sex becoming boring. The best idea to bring novelty is by trying out different sex positions. You can also buy various sex toys like a dildo or a vibrator and use them with your partner. Remember that your Clitoris is the most sensitive and pleasure-giving organ in your body. Many women achieve orgasm by clitoris rather than penetrating sex! You can also rub your Clitoris while having sex or ask your partner to do so.


Sex is all about gaining pleasure and connecting with your partner. It should never be painful and women should experience pleasure while doing it. In this blog, we have seen different approaches through which you can make your sex life better and get more satisfied. Stress is also a factor that affects your sex life. So make sure you keep all the stress aside before heading for bed. And if any of these things don’t work, you can always consult specialists like sexologists, gynaecologists, sex therapists, sex experts etc. As a woman, you should never feel shame talking about your needs or problems to the therapist. Maybe they can help you with any issue you never have known! Get yourself together and have a happy sex life.